The success of state agencies should not be just about bigger budgets. Success is when the state consistently delivers core service to Oklahomans in a cost-effective, efficient manner. Without line-item budgeting, it is impossible to know which agencies steward their resources well, which is why I will fight for accountability and transparency. I will support committee audits and hold each accountable for how they spend our tax dollars.  This can be done across any of the 27 Oklahoma government agencies.

I feel we need to reduce the number of school districts, push the money to the schools, and allow the administration to manage efficiently at the district level. 

The government needs to refocus the qualifications for those on subsidized programs, such as Insure Oklahoma/Sooner Care, Welfare and daycare.  I will create a plan that will PHASE the individual off of the subsidy, instead of disqualifying them when they start getting ahead in their career.  We need to make sure each program promotes advancement and allows for earning higher salaries while keeping them on the program.  Then the system can gradually decrease the benefit as the individual advances, to finally end the subsidized program upon their success.