Todd is a lifelong resident of Tulsa County, growing up in mid-town Tulsa.  He graduated from Edison HS and began a family.  They moved to Florida in 1995, joining his parents, who have since moved back to Tulsa.  Todd’s young family returned to Tulsa for a new job with MCI WorldCom in 1998, where he lived in Tulsa and Broken Arrow sequentially for 20 years.  This move home to Tulsa County was the beginning of his lifelong career in the Telecom world.

With several years of experience in the industry, Todd was ready to start his own business.  In 2001 he and his business partner, a colleague, and personal friend, began CEIS, Inc., at the dining room table of his one bedroom apartment, then 18 months later, they moved to a 900 square foot office in downtown Tulsa.  Today there are five offices; the Home Office, what is now called TECHSICO, LLC, has been located in District 77 near 11th and Hudson since 2010, and they expanded to Oklahoma City in 2015.  A second company, Towers Unlimited, Inc., was started in 2010 in California and Nevada.  In 2017 they expanded to Houston.  This thriving business is proof of Todd’s dedication, determination, and excellent business mind.  He has brought more than 160 jobs to Oklahoma and beyond!

Todd is married with two daughters.  His wife, Kris, is a human resources coordinator with Techsico but has since left that position to help with campaigning.  Both girls graduated from Broken Arrow HS.  Skylar, the oldest, is a Broken Arrow middle school teacher and has previously taught in TPS.  Kayla is passionate about animals which has led her to a career in the veterinary field.  Todd’s family has happily lived in District 77 since 2013.